About Us

KAPTANLAR UN A.Ş, which takes firm steps forward in the flour industry, ranks among special flour brands of Turkey with its product range.

By keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level as well as constantly improving its technology and quality, it gives its best to have an important place in the industrial sector and to support the development of the country.

Kaptanlar Un A.Ş.

Our company, Kaptanlar Un A.Ş., with the importance it attaches to laboratory and R&D studies, has achieved a stable growth with the trust of you, our estimable customers. It continues its superior service approach thereby offering its customers quality products manufactured in accordance with hygienic conditions. Kaptanlar Un A.Ş has adopted it as a principle to perform production in the healthiest way without sacrificing quality and to adhere to ethical values ​​and laws. It has established its dealership, distribution and marketing organization on solid foundations and has become one of the most preferentially called brands in its region with 20 types of flour it produces.
Since the first day of its establishment, Kaptanlar Un has constantly renewed its investments according to the latest technology in order to meet the high standards of quality flour needs of its customers, thus, it has achieved to become one of the leading companies in the sector acting with an understanding of service, quality and trust.