Bagel and Pita Flours

Bagel and pita flours specially produced for bagels and pide, which are indispensable in Turkish cuisine; opens the door to a delicious adventure. This product, which is preferred by almost every dough master with its high performance in dough making, also draws attention thanks to its taste and nutrition.

KIRMIZI PİDELİK 50KGkırımızıpidelik
lüks simitlikun50kgBagel and Pita Flours
yöremsimitlikun50kg (1)Bagel and Pita Flours
lavaşlıkun50kgBagel and Pita Flours

Production techniques, flour quality and all other details are distinctive for bagel and pita flours. Other features of this flour group are as follows.

Thanks to its flexibility, it can be processed very easily,
It is successful in giving flavor and aroma,
It has high nutritional value,
Thanks to its high water removal feature, it provides a high number of products,
It allows the production of dough in a structure that does not tear easily.
We offer a solution with bagel and pita flour for those who want to capture the taste in bagel and pita dough!