Quality Flours from Kaptanlar Flour for Extra Rise, Extra Color, Extra Shine, Long Lasting Crunch

Professional Flours

We process the wheat, which we have carefully selected for years to bring you naturalness and taste, with the latest technology, untouched by hand, and deliver the most natural form of flour to the hands of professionals, with the best quality in every sack.

Home Type Flours

Our house hold-use flours in all pastries; You can use it in making cakes, pastries, cookies, pies, pastries and rolls. Fresh, Natural, Gülbeyaz Series is suitable for home use. There are 5kg - 10kg - 25kg - 50kg options.

Bagel and Pita Flours

Kaptanlar Simitlik Un is ideal for making all kinds of bagels. The dough is easy to process and bond with its high extensibility structure.

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Bakery Flours

It is the gluten complex that gives bread its flexibility, fluffiness and light consistency, forming the 'mesh' in the texture of the crust and hardening with the heat of cooking. Glutamine and prolamin, the proteins in wheat flour, provide elastic and soft dough by adding water and kneading.