Professional Flours

Experience the taste at peaks thanks to the professional flours produced by the careful processing of very valuable wheat obtained in Anatolian lands!

Professional flours, which allow baklava, borek, phyllo, pastry and many more flavors to come to life, attract attention thanks to their unique features.

The characteristics of these flours, which are indispensable for kitchens and production facilities, are as follows.

Provides an increase in the amount of product thanks to its high ability to hold water,
Thanks to the very special structure of the flour, it offers a feeling of shine,
Flavors produced with professional flours stay fresh for a long time under appropriate storage conditions,
Homogeneity is obtained during kneading and mixing processes,
In addition to its high oil and sherbet absorbency, its swelling performance is also high.

You must resort to ingenious solutions to open the door to taste and to bring to life wonderful recipes with professional flours!