Bakery Flours

Bakery flours used in the production of bread, which is indispensable for the table, offer perfection not only in terms of taste but also in terms of visuals.

The dough performance of this flour, which is offered to bakers in order to prepare the bread in a satisfying yet correct manner, draws attention. Bakery flours; While it draws attention with its protein, glutamine and prolamin sources, it is also the reason for preference with the following features.

-It makes the bread dough flexible and fluffy,
-It helps the dough to get a better quality consistency in a short time,
-Increases the amount of product thanks to its water holding capacity,
-Thanks to its soft texture, it can be shaped very simply,
-Kneading performance is good compared to many other flours.

How would you like to produce wonderful breads using a flour that is perfect in all aspects?